Demkay Tekstil Ltd. Şti. was founded in Bursa in 1997 and continues its operations in the same place. Since its foundation, it has made customer oriented machine investments and took its place among the leading companies  of the sector. Demkay Tekstil Ltd. Şti. is a company working with the principle to meet the requirements and demands of the customers in an economic, rapid and quality way. Providing fabric in various sectors, our company offers its customers many different products such as Original auto upholstery, auto cover cloths, office and conference hall cloths, baby tool clothes, shoe and slipper fabrics.

Used fabric is manufactured in our own facilities with following machines.

  • Jacquard weaving machines
  • Dobby weaving machines
  • Warp knitting machines
  • Circular knitting machines
  • Teasel raising machine
  • Flame lamination machines
  • Glue lamination machines
  • Film lamination machines

Today we continue serving our customers with 3500 m2 indoor area, Annual 2.5 million metre production capacity.