Our company produces following types in our own facilities and offers to its customers by laminating the underneath with foam when requested.

Weight and width of the fabric may change depending on the requests of the customer. Foam thickness changes according to the requests of the customer.

We claim that DEMKAY TEKSTİL is the first name that comes to minds when talking about the automotive textile.

Automotive Textile

Auto cover fabric

Standard production = 320 gr/m2     3 mm foam adhered fabric

Auto fabric

Textile fabric is woven in Jacquard machines.

Knit fabric:  220 gr /m2 foam adhered fabric. Standard production.

Auto curtain fabric

Fabric used in the ceiling of automobiles.


Office and hall upholstery

Wall and seat fabrics of cinemas

Wall and seat fabrics of conference halls

All kinds of hall wall fabric

Chair and office chairs fabric

Ratine used in production of baby tools

Baby carrier fabric
Various knit fabric.

Fabric used in bag and shoe production

Lacoste fabrics
Micro Alkantra fabrics
Jacquard woven fabrics

Auto Upholstery
Fabric for sheath
Fabric used in office upholstery